Lua lua
RiscLua is a port of the Lua programming language to RISC OS.

Grobble grobble
For making web-books? For writing programs? It is up to you. Compare the contents of Doc_src with that of !grobbler.doc.

ArmBob armbob
Armbob is a small object-oriented language with a syntax resembling C++, derived from Bob 1.5 by David Betz, adapted for use with RISC OS, with his permission.

Multisave multisave
Multisave lets you specify a collection of directories, so that dragging a selection of files to Multisave's iconbar icon will save each file to each directory.

Gofer gofer
Brian Scattergood first ported Gofer, copyright of Mark P Jones, to the Archimedes in 1991. I wrote a front end for it, that later evolved into the stick program, for use in a classroom of Archimedes. Gofer (GOod For Equational Reasoning) is a pure lazy functional programming language, with type classes. This package, intended primarily for educational purposes, includes the interpreter running in a task window and Jones' original documentation. Gofer was originally written by Mark P Jones so that he could experiment with type classes on his PC at home.

Comma comma
Comma changes the type of any file to Data (ffd) and appends to its name a comma followed by the three hex digits of its numerical filetype. Put a copy of Comma in a directory you want it to work on, and doubleclick it. It will not convert itself.

Nocomma nocomma
A small utility to set the filetypes and names of objects packaged with their types given as a three hex-digit extension following a comma.

Bind bind
Create simple web-books with Bind. Navigation links and content page are built automatically. No knowledge of html or css required.

Weave weave
Weave is an application to create webpages. It is based on the notion of a rope - or strings with holes; more technically trees whose leaves are strings. A rope can be read out to a file depth-first. In this way markup can be inserted without having to concatenate strings. A weave script is a description of a rope in Lua. This application, Weave 3, has been superseded by Weave 4, which is a library for RiscLua.

TaskW taskW
Drag a file to TaskW's iconbar-icon to run it in a taskwindow. This application is an example of a sticky ; that is to say it uses the small BASIC program stick which handles communications with the wimp so that only Obeyfiles, or TaskObeyfiles, !Drag, !Select and !Adjust are required for handling drags to, and clicks on, the sticky's iconbar-icon.

Qoppa qoppa
!qoppa is an application for making websites using markdown and CSS files.

YAL yal
!yal is yet another locater application. Click Select on its iconbar-icon to edit the searchfile, then drag a file or a directory onto the iconbar-icon, and it will report in a taskwindow all those lines in the file or in files within the directory that satisfy the criteria specified by the lines of the searchfile. Each criterion may be plain text or a pattern, and may be positive (must occur) or negative (must not occur). Criteria may be written in any order. Click Adjust on the iconbar-icon to edit the configuration file: which filetypes, which leafnames may be searched and whether the search is to recurse through subdirectories.

Zahl zahl
A big number package. Sources.

Softlink softlink
Put this in $.!Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks and you will be able to create soft links to an object by CTRL-dragging the object to where you want the link to be (must be a different directory from the original). Links have filetype &FDC and simply contain the pathname of the object they refer to. Doubleclicks on the link will filer_run the original object. CTRL-doubleclicks on the link will open the directory in which the original lives. You can drag links to copy them to other places, or CTRL-drag them to make links to links. The end results behave much the same.

CSV2HTML csv2html
This converts CSV files to tables in an HTML file. Adjust-click the iconbar-icon to edit the colours and format of the table.