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RiscLua is a small easily learnt programming language for RISC OS. You can find a tutorial introduction to it here in RiscLua for Beginners and an example worked out in detail here in RiscLua tips. You can also find a discussion of similarities between BBC Basic and RiscLua.
For an introduction to the lpeg library, which provides very powerful facilities for matching patterns and catching data within text, see
Around PEGs or Parser expression Grammars.

For an introduction to writing wimp programs in RiscLua see Using RiscLua's Wimp Libraries - First Steps.


The RiscLua package consists of an application !rlua6, that contains its own documentation. It also contains a a recent version of !SharedLibs and the SharedULib module within the !Boot file.

armv7ok RiscLua downloads:

Extract !rlua6 to anywhere on your storage device.

The C sourcecode can be downloaded separately here:

For technical details about the sources, for compilation of RiscLua, see the sources page.

Previous versions:

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