Lua logo RiscLua has been developed since 2002, and has gone through many versions. It is a port to RISC OS of the Lua programming language. It differs from standard Lua in a few small details to be more conformant to RISC OS. The packaging of RiscLua has also varied. At one point it was a relocatable module, but it was found that error-handling was easier when packaged as an application. See the version history .

RiscLua 83 -- RiscLua 83 sources

RiscLua 802

RiscLua 83, based on Lua 5.4.0, requires an ARM processor with VFP, and so is not suitable for RiscPC or Iyonix. This version has the lpeg and riscos libraries built in. Its arithmetic uses 64bit integers and 64bit VFP floats. RiscLua 802 is compiled with soft floats, and does not use VFP floats; it should be appropriate for older RISC OS platforms. It is functionally identical.

Some notes:

A toolbox example

Using the Weave Library

Scripting StrongED


Pattern Matching

Parser Expression Grammars

Around PEGs