A port of the Lua programming language to RISC OS, or RiscLua. This has been developed since 2002, and so has gone through many versions. In October 2015 the GNU C compiler for RISC OS adopted the ELF format, in place of Acorn's AIF format, making it possible for the first time to provide dynamic loading and linking. Previously RiscLua had had to be linked statically. In consequence, the current RiscLua is practically identical to the standard Lua, and its adaptations to RISC OS have been confined to a small library. Follow this link to compile RiscLua yourself. The RiscLua distribution obtained by clicking on the icon above has been compiled for using VFP for arithmetic. If you would prefer NEON, and your CPU supports it (so not for Raspberry Pi version 1) you can replace the files lua6 , luac6 and the solib directory in !rlua6 by the files in this zipfile .

Some notes on RiscLua and Pattern Matching .

Create simple web-books with Bind. Navigation links and content page are built automatically. No knowledge of html or css required.

Weave is an application to create webpages. It is based on the notion of a rope - or strings with holes; more tecnically trees whose leaves are strings. A rope can be read out to a file depth-first. In this way markup can be inserted without having to concatenate strings. A weave script is a description of a rope in Lua.

Drag a file to TaskW's iconbar-icon to run it in a taskwindow. This application is an example of a sticky ; that is to say it uses the small BASIC program stick which handles communications with the wimp so that only Obeyfiles, or TaskObeyfiles, !Drag, !Select and !Adjust are required for handling drags to, and clicks on, the sticky's iconbar-icon.