RiscLua is a port of the Lua programming language to RISC OS.

Create simple web-books with Bind. Navigation links and content page are built automatically. No knowledge of html or css required.

Weave is an application to create webpages. It is based on the notion of a rope - or strings with holes; more tecnically trees whose leaves are strings. A rope can be read out to a file depth-first. In this way markup can be inserted without having to concatenate strings. A weave script is a description of a rope in Lua.

Drag a file to TaskW's iconbar-icon to run it in a taskwindow. This application is an example of a sticky ; that is to say it uses the small BASIC program stick which handles communications with the wimp so that only Obeyfiles, or TaskObeyfiles, !Drag, !Select and !Adjust are required for handling drags to, and clicks on, the sticky's iconbar-icon.

!qoppa is an application for making websites using markdown and CSS files.

!yal is yet another locater application. Drag to its iconbar-icon a searchfile, then a directory, and it will report all those lines in files within the directory that satisfy the criteria specified in the searchfile.

A big number package. Sources.

Put this in $.!Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks and you will be able to create soft links to an object by CTRL-dragging the object to where you want the link to be (must be a different directory from the original). Links have filetype &FDC and simply contain the pathname of the object they refer to. Doubleclicks on the link will filer_run the original object. CTRL-doubleclicks on the link will open the directory in which the original lives. You can drag links to copy them to other places, or CTRL-drag them to make links to links. The end results behave much the same.

This converts CSV files to tables in an HTML file. Adjust-click the iconbar-icon to edit the colours and format of the table.