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The following scripts may be downloaded here.

stripStrip out content from an HTML file and replace by variables; useful for Infuse, obtainable here.
swistr2numThe RiscLua sys function in the riscos library takes as first argument either an SWI number or name. This script converts bona fide SWI names to numbers, so long as they are strings in double or single quotes.
untangleRun the code embedded in the text within lua tags. The global variable text has the value of the surrounding text.
cvsformatFormat CSV files so that columns line up. String values must not contain newlines.
cvslabelConvert a CSV file to labelled records, using the first line to define the labels.
mailstripStrip out headers from emails leaving only those labelled Date:, From:, To:, Subject: and Reply-To:.
moreSearch for occurrences of the selected text in other text files in the same directory; displays leafname and line number for each match.
no_scriptRemove scripting from an html document.
sigmaCorrect wrong sigmas in text or html files with unicode Greek text.
URLgrabList URLs of links in an html document
wordcSimple word count - words are sequences of letters.
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