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Lua for RISC OS
The latest sources are arranged for compilation with the GCC 4.7.4 compiler. Two forms of them are provided: the basic one for ARMv7 (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and a diff file v3 for ARMv3 (e.g. Iyonix).

The standard Lua distribution is modified in three ways; the modifications are brought into play by setting the RISCOS flag for compilation.
Extra characters
Extra characters are permitted in variable-names so that the riscos library can use !, ? and $ in ways familiar to BBC-BASIC users. Also \ is a synonym for function and => is a synonym for return . Hard spaces, except in strings or comments, are parsed as soft; this avoids some hard-to-trace errors.
Peter Shook's patch
Unpacking local variables from a table in statements of the form
local x,y, .. in table_expr .
Update operators
Single- (but not multi-) assignments can be abbreviated. So x = x & y can be expressed as x & = y . It is safest to keep a space between the operator and the = sign, because   ~= already has the meaning not equal . Note that ~ has the sense of bitwise negation as a unary operator and bitwise exclusive-or as a binary operation.