The purpose of these notes is to document how to create RiscLua or to guide those who would like to roll their own implementations of Lua under RISC OS if they feel that RiscLua in its current state does not satisfy their needs. Lua is dynamically extensible by modules, written either in Lua or in C. Currently, the only C compiler available to RISC OS which can cope with dynamic linking of C modules, or provide floating point arithmetic in hardware, is GCC (version 4.7.4). If neither of these facilities is necessary for you, any other ANSI C compiler would do. These notes will presume use of GCC.

Taking necessary steps:

  • Getting the sources of Lua and unzipping them
  • Getting and using GCC
  • How to adapt the sources and makefile for a minimal Lua implementation
  • What extra is in RiscLua?
    • Lexical extensions
    • Local variables from tables
    • Update operators
  • System variables and filetypes for using Lua
  • How to create and use modules
  • The riscos module