Sixty-sixth Meeting: Birmingham, 28--29 March 1998
15.00: Paul Taylor (QMW) Two intertwined stories about induction and recursion
09.30: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) On (not-quite-)toposes of (not-quite-)coalgebras
10.10: Enrico Vitale (Louvain) Picard and Brauer bigroups
11.15: Adam Eppendahl (QMW) Arithmetic universes and pull-back theories
11.50: Ralph Loader (Edinburgh) Yet more adequacy proofs
14.00: Steve Vickers (Imperial) Sheaves and frame presentations
14.40: Paola Maneggia (Birmingham) Polymorphism and logical predicates
15.50: Paul Taylor (QMW) Quadrality
09.30: Barney Hilken (Manchester) Sheaf models of modal logic
10.30: Natasha Alechina (Birmingham) Relating Kripke and categorical semantics for intuitionistic modal logic
11.20: Eike Ritter (Birmingham) On the semantics of classical disjunction
12.00: Martin Hyland (Cambridge) Invariants and proofs

Sixty-seventh Meeting: Utrecht, 30--31 May 1998
09.00: John Power (Edinburgh) Higher-dimensional categories, I
10.00: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Computation of free crossed resolutions of groups
10.35: Kirill Mackenzie (Sheffield) Duality for double structures
11.15: Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt) A model for computable analysis
11.50: George Janelidze (Tbilisi) Categorical, homological and universal-algebraic approach to central extensions
13.45: John Power (Edinburgh) Higher-dimensional categories, II
14.45: Jirí Velebil (Praha) Conservative cocompletions of categories
15.20: Jürgen Koslowski (Braunschweig) Bicategorical version of the Chu construction
16.05: M.Heather (Northumbria) The pull-back functor as the basis for deontic logic
16.40: Steve Awodey (Carnegie--Mellon) Topological representation of the -calculus
17.15: Fred Linton (Wesleyan) Monadicity of Banach spaces over free cones
09.00: John Power (Edinburgh) Higher-dimensional categories, III
10.00: Max Kelly (Sydney) On the canonical algebraic structure of a category
10.35: Pat McCrudden (Sydney) Higher-dimensional algebra in quantum groups
11.25: Claudio Hermida (Edinburgh) Higher-dimensional multicategories --- some pieces of a PZZL
12.00: Tom Leinster (Cambridge) A definition of weak n-category

Sixty-eighth Meeting: Brno, 29--30 August 1998
09.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) How bad can a category of sheaves be?
09.40: Jirí Adámek (Braunschweig) Continuous lattices and continuous categories revisited
10.40: Cristina Pedicchio (Trieste) A characterization theorem for theories of varieties
11.20: Hans Porst (Bremen) Minimal generators in varieties
12.00: Jan Jürjens (Bremen) On a problem of Gabriel and Ulmer
14.00: Alex Simpson (Edinburgh) Elementary axioms for categories of classes
14.40: Pedro Resende (Lisboa) Quantale modules and observational logic
15.20: Rolf Rother (Bremen) Strengthening of homogeneity in categorical algebra
16.20: Libor Polák (Brno) On equational logic (for semigroups)
17.00: Milan Sekanina (Brno) Shape in computing
17.40: Ondrej Kameník (Brno) Fixed point semantics for synchronous processes
09.00: Richard Wood (Dalhousie) Adjunctions for equipments
09.40: Enrico Vitale (Louvain) On the exact completion of the homotopy category
10.40: Mamuka Jibladze (Tbilisi) Scattered toposes
11.20: Jirí Velebil (Praha) 1-step cocompletions
12.00: Jirí Rosický (Brno) How algebraic is algebra?

Sixty-ninth Meeting: Trieste, 28--29 November 1998
09.30: Bill Lawvere (Buffalo) Toposes of laws of motion
10.15: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Strength of amazing right adjoints
10.50: George Janelidze (Tbilisi) Homological algebra in additive categories via descent theory
11.50: Marco Grandis (Genova) An intrinsic homotopy theory for simplicial complexes
12.25: Enrico Vitale (Louvain) Factorizaton systems for symmetric cat-groups
15.00: Jirí Adámek (Braunschweig) M-completeness is seldom monadic over graphs
15.35: Jirí Rosický (Brno) Generalized varieties
16.10: Ivan Le Creurer (Louvain) Descent of internal structures
17.10: Dominique Bourn (Dunkerque) Normal monomorphisms and Mal'cev objects in protomodular categories
17.45: Marino Gran (Trieste) Internal groupoids in Mal'cev categories
18.20: Heinrich Kleisli (Fribourg) A model of linear logic revisited
09.00: Joe Goguen (San Diego) Sheaf theory and concurrency in computer science
09.35: Bob Walters (Como) On the algebra of feedback and systems with boundary
10.10: Jürgen Koslowski (Braunschweig) *-linear bicategories
11.10: Fred Linton (Wesleyan) Banach spaces are monadic --- just not quite over Sets
11.45: Walter Tholen (York) Total cocompleteness of the formal product completion
12.20: Maria Manuel Clementino (Coimbra) A categorical setting for local compactness

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