Sixty-third Meeting: Bangor, 1--2 March 1997
09.30: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Which first-order theories have classifying toposes?
10.30: Heiner Kamps (Hagen) A homotopy bigroupoid of a topological space
11.40: Tim Porter (Bangor) Topological quantum field theories, stacks and simplicial groups
14.15: Paul Taylor (QMW) The difference between induction and recursion
15.00: Anne Heyworth (Bangor) Categories and rewriting
16.15: Graham Ellis (Galway) Enumerating prime-power homotopy types
09.30: Peter Hines (Bangor) Two-way automata, compact closed categories, and Girard's resolution formula
10.30: Ismael Mohammed (Bangor) Residuated mappings
11.30: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Using presentations and crossed modules of groupoids to compute identities among relations

Sixty-fourth Meeting: Braunschweig, 10--11 May 1997
13.00: Cristina Pedicchio (Trieste) Exactness and regularity for locally presentable categories
09.00: Dana Scott (Carnegie--Mellon) Categories and domains
09.50: Jaap van Oosten (Utrecht) Combinatory algebras and categories of domains
10.45: Jirí Adámek (Braunschweig) Injectivity in locally presentable categories
11.25: Jirí Rosický (Brno) Regular and exact completions of topological spaces
14.00: Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt) Moens' theorem for categories with pullbacks
14.40: Manuela Sobral (Coimbra) Global and étalé descent in Top
15.20: Till Plewe (Imperial) A look at continuous bijections from the localic perspective
16.15: Reinhold Heckmann (Saarland) A unified view of categories of structured sets
16.55: Jirí Velebil (Brno) On flat distributors as a generalization of approximable relations
17.35: Christoph Lüth (Bremen) Monads and modular term rewriting
09.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) hcf(63,64)=1
09.40: Steve Awodey (Chicago) Topological completeness for higher-order logic
10.20: Carsten Butz (Aarhus) Geometric morphisms and their relation to logic
11.15: Anders Kock (Aarhus) A geometric construction of the Levi-Civita connection
11.55: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Proper maps and lax descent

Sixty-fifth Meeting: Aarhus, 1--2 November 1997
09.30: Mamuka Jibladze (Tbilisi) Cosheaves, coframes, cotoposes: some new facts, some old questions
10.45: John Power (Edinburgh) Weak higher-dimensional categories
11.30: Erik Palmgren (Uppsala) Constructive nonstandard analysis
14.00: Marcelo Fiore (Edinburgh) Towards a categorical theory of binding
14.45: Sergei Soloviev (Durham) Finite completeness theorem for multiplicative intuitionistic linear logic
16.00: Carsten Butz (Aarhus) Remarks on the structure of finitely presented Heyting algebras
16.45: Dimitry Pataraia (Tbilisi) A constructive proof of the fixed-point theorem for DCPO's
09.15: Reinhard Börger (Hagen) Tensor products of orthomodular posets and related structures
10.30: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Extension theory for local groupoids
11.15: Jürgen Koslowski (Braunschweig) A double category of strategies

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