Fifty-seventh Meeting: Tours, 18--19 February 1995
09.30: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) The generic functional algebra
10.20: Paul Taylor (Imperial) Dependent types
14.00: Laurence Nison (Valenciennes) La catégorie des variétés algébriques rationnelles
15.00: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) The constructive Hahn--Banach Theorem
16.45: Richard Mijoule (Paris VII) Fonctions partielles abstraites
09.00: Jirí Rosický (Brno) Geometric sketches
10.00: Pierre Damphousse (Tours) La classification des cartes cellulaires

Fifty-eighth Meeting: Genova, 13--14 May 1995
10.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Quotient maps of locales (after Li Yongming)
10.30: Jan Rutten (Amsterdam) Elements of enriched metric domain theory
11.35: Robert Paré (Dalhousie) Dinatural numbers
14.30: Steve Schanuel (Buffalo) David and Goliath: tame categories of space
15.30: Richard Mijoule (Paris VII) Duality and partiality
16.40: Claudio Hermida (Aarhus) Mixed induction and coinduction in fibrations
17.10: John Power (Edinburgh) Tetracategories
09.30: Bill Lawvere (Buffalo) The algebra of time
10.30: Silvio Ghilardi (Milano) Model-completions in varieties arising from logic
11.40: Bart Jacobs (Amsterdam) Objects and classes, coalgebraically
12.10: Eugenio Moggi (Genova) Generalizing notions of computation as monads---the other way

Fifty-ninth Meeting: Edinburgh, 7--8 October 1995
09.30: Phil Scott (Ottawa) Linear Läuchli semantics and full completeness
10.30: Paul Taylor (Imperial) A categorical general recursion theorem
11.30: Barry Jay (Sydney) Data categories
12.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Cartesian functors between toposes
13.45: Bart Jacobs (Amsterdam) Inheritance and coercion
14.15: Mike Fourman (Edinburgh) Classifying cardinalities
15.30: Mamuka Jibladze (Tbilisi) A presentation of the initial lift algebra
16.00: John Stell (Keele) Order-sorted theories
16.30: Peter Freyd (Pennsylvania) Paracategories
09.45: Jaap van Oosten (Aarhus) The modified realizability topos
10.15: Alex Simpson (Edinburgh) The limit-colimit coincidence in synthetic domain theory
11.30: Chris Townsend (Imperial) Localic Priestley duality
11.50: Jim Otto (McGill) Sketches and resolutions
12.20: John Power (Edinburgh) Algebraic structure on categories enriched in bicategories

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