Fifty-fourth Meeting: Sussex, 26--27 March 1994
10.00: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Local groupoids and étendues
10.40: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Categories of affine sets
11.30: David Murphy (Birmingham) Process synchronisation as glueing
12.00: Jaap van Oosten (Utrecht) Extensional realizability
12.30: Paul Taylor (Imperial) The construction of the classifying category for a dependent type theory
14.00: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Computing with 2-dimensional groups
14.45: Winfried Dreckmann (Bangor) On the cohomology of categories
15.45: Harold Simmons (Manchester) Program extraction via finalization
16.30: Andrea Schalk (Darmstadt) Algebras for generalized power constructions
17.00: Simon Ambler (Leicester) Generalized logic in the representation of non-commutative rings
10.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) A new proof that subtoposes form a co-Heyting algebra
10.30: Bart Jacobs (Utrecht) Quotients in type theory
11.30: Edmund Robinson (Sussex) Parametricity à la Longo, Plotkin, and Scott
12.00: Carolyn Brown (Sussex) Categories, allegories and circuit design
12.30: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Holonomy

Fifty-fifth Meeting: Edinburgh, 28--29 May 1994
09.30: Robin Milner (Edinburgh) Control structures
10.30: Alex Mifsud (Edinburgh) Labelled transition semantics for reflexive -calculus
11.30: Claudio Hermida (Aarhus) An algebraic view of induction
12.15: David Murphy (Birmingham) Process synchronisation as glueing, II
14.30: Edmund Robinson (Sussex) Pre-monoidal categories
15.15: Martin Hofmann (Edinburgh) Interpretation of dependent type theory in locally cartesian closed categories
16.30: Elias David (London) Scott and sober spaces
17.15: John Power (Edinburgh) Gabriel--Ulmer duality for categories enriched over a bicategory
09.30: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) The category of Heyting algebras is protomodular
10.00: Harold Simmons (Manchester) The Smyth--Plotkin construction seen as an instance of glueing
10.30: Bart Jacobs (Utrecht) Dependent types as sheaves of continuous lattices
11.30: Alex Simpson (Edinburgh) Categorical completeness results for the simply-typed lambda-calculus
12.00: Neil Ghani (Edinburgh) Adjoint rewriting

Fifty-sixth Meeting: Aarhus, 3--4 December 1994
10.00: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) Pure states
10.35: Till Plewe (Utrecht) Absolutely Borel locales
11.40: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) ``Makkai''
12.15: Dusko Pavlovic (Imperial) How couniversal is the Chu construction?
14.20: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) What can you do with a finitary sketch?
14.55: Vladimiro Sassone (Aarhus) An approach to the category of Petri net computations
16.00: Thomas Streicher (München) Partial left exact categories and partial toposes
16.35: Jaap van Oosten (Aarhus) Fibrations and calculi of fractions
17.10: René Guitart (Paris VII) On the definition of homology
09.45: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Some extensive quantities in locale theory
10.15: Sergei Soloviev (Aarhus) Proof of a conjecture by S.MacLane
11.15: Pierre Damphousse (Tours) On endofunctors of Ens fixing objects
11.45: Bart Jacobs (Amsterdam) Mongruences and cofree coalgebras
12.20: Torben Brauner (Aarhus) The Girard translation extended with recursion

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