Fifty-first Meeting: Valenciennes, 13--14 February 1993
09.30: Jean Bénabou (Paris-Nord) Foliated categories and ``baseless fibrations''
10.45: Murray Adelman (Macquarie) The free abelian category and some questions
11.20: Aurelio Carboni (Milano) The freeness of algebraic categories
12.00: Martin Hyland (Cambridge) What Wedderburn's theorem means
14.15: Max Kelly (Sydney) Ad conferenciam Martini Hylandi
14.55: Günther Richter (Bielefeld) Priestley's duality revisited
15.30: Pierre Damphousse (Tours) Relever la dualité de Stone
16.15: Julia Garcia Cabello (Granada) Closed model structures for algebraic models of n-types
17.15: Matthias Gerner (Paris VII) Construction effective de diagrammes localement libres
17.45: Sjoerd Crans (Utrecht) Quillen closed model structures for sheaves
18.15: Phil Ehlers (Bangor) Algebraic homotopy in simplicially enriched groupoids
09.30: Max Kelly (Sydney) On Mal'tsev and Goursat categories
10.45: Dominique Bourn (Amiens) The nerve functor for n-groupoids
11.25: René Guitart (Paris VII) Enveloppe karoubienne de la catégorie des relations continues entre espaces compacts

Fifty-second Meeting: Utrecht, 8--9 May 1993
11.15 and 14.15: Andre Scedrov (Pennsylvania) Linear logic and complexity theory
09.45: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) When does Artin glueing yield a topos?
10.15: Dorette Pronk (Utrecht) Etendues as a bicategory of fractions
11.15: Paul Taylor (Imperial) Exactness properties in synthetic domain theory
11.45: Thomas Streicher (München) A synthetic account of extensional PERs
14.15: Herman Geuvers (Nijmegen) Conservativity of higher order propositional logic over second order propositional logic
14.45: Bart Jacobs (Utrecht) Conventional and linear types in a logic of coalgebras
15.45: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Generators and relations for as a monoidal 2-category
16.15: Andre Scedrov (Pennsylvania) Glueing and relators
09.30: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Clear objects in categories of commutative algebras
10.00: Wim Ruitenburg (Marquette) A propos
11.00: Claudio Hermida (Edinburgh) Kleisli fibrations and indeterminates
11.30: Jaap van Oosten (Utrecht) Axiomatizing higher order realizability
12.00: Jürgen Koslowski (Hannover) Modules and polarities

Fifty-third Meeting: Trieste, 11--12 September 1993
10.00: Jean Bénabou (Paris-Nord) More on foliated categories
11.00: Dorette Pronk (Utrecht) Algebraic stacks
11.30: Matthias Gerner (Paris VII) The geometry of sketches
12.00: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) The equivariant Whitehead theorem
14.30: Marco Grandis (Genova) Enriched categories for homotopical and homological algebra
15.00: Panagis Karazeris (Aarhus) Gabriel topologies on quantales
16.00: George Janelidze (Tbilisi) What is a topological indexed category?
16.30: Walter Tholen (York) Further examples of descent
17.15: Silvio Ghilardi (Milano) Sheaf representation and duality for finitely presented Heyting algebras
18.00: Albert Burroni (Paris VII) n-catégories, n-langages et applications aux calculs parallèles
09.40: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Quotients of localic Mal'cev algebras
10.10: Jacques Penon (Paris VII) Un pont entre deux géométries différentielles
10.45: Cristina Pedicchio (Trieste) On left exact functors
11.30: Vladimir Uspenskiï (Moskva) On topological Mal'cev algebras
12.00: Aurelio Carboni (Milano) Small complete non-posetal categories (if any)
12.30: Robert Paré (Dalhousie) Paths in a category

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