Forty-ninth Meeting: Manchester, 22--23 February 1992
10.00: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Monads for which structures are adjoint to units
11.15: Thomas Streicher (Passau) Hyperdoctrines from modified realizability
11.45: Paul Taylor (Imperial) Where does well-founded induction fit into category theory?
14.15: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Fibrations and partial products in a 2-category
15.25: Peter Aczel/Gilles Barthe (Manchester) Towards categorical models of constructive set theory
16.00: Richard Banach (Manchester) Prefibrations and the Grothendieck preconstruction
17.00: Murray Adelman (Macquarie) Sheaves and quantum logic
10.00: François Lamarche (ENS) Factorization systems and generalized toposes
11.20: Bart Jacobs (Cambridge) In between intuitionistic logic and linear logic
12.05: Barry Jay (Edinburgh) Tail recursion in a monoidal setting

Fiftieth Meeting: Cambridge, 28--29 November 1992
09.30: Dana Scott (Linz) Remarks on the history of the Peripatetic Seminar
09.50: Mark Lawson (Bangor) An embedding of inverse semigroups
10.30: Cristina Pedicchio (Trieste) Mal'cev algebras
11.30: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Direct codisjunctors
12.05: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Augmented linear orders
12.35: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) A topos-theoretic look at Steenrod operations
14.00: Steve Vickers (Imperial) Topical categories of domains
14.45: Yves Lafont (LIENS) Equational reasoning with 2-dimensional diagrams
16.00: Jirí Rosický (Brno) Locally weakly presentable categories
16.30: John Longley (Edinburgh) Functors between realizability toposes
17.00: Marcelo Fiore (Edinburgh) Domain theory in CPO-enriched categories
09.30: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Relative De Morgan toposes
10.00: Max Kelly (Sydney) A categorical look at operads
11.15: Dana Scott (Linz) Geometry via algebra
12.10: Martin Hofmann (Edinburgh) A relational model for the calculus of constructions
12.30: Thomas Streicher (München) Two notions of modified realizability sets

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