Forty-seventh Meeting: Amsterdam, 16--17 March 1991
09.50: Andy Pitts (Cambridge) All Heyting algebras are nice
11.00: Wim Veldman (Nijmegen) Iets over de Ramsey-Stelling
11.30: Raymond Hoofman (Utrecht) The theory of semi-functors and second-order linear logic
14.00: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Diaconescu's theorem for topologists
14.50: Jaap van Oosten (Amsterdam) Lifschitz realizability as a subtopos of Eff
15.50: Dusko Pavlovic (Utrecht) On the axiom of replacement
16.20: Thomas Streicher (Passau) Strongly -replete objects
09.45: Barry Jay (Edinburgh) Local adjunctions and long -normal forms
10.35: David Rydeheard (Manchester) Type classes, comprehension schema and coherence
11.45: Panagis Karazeris (Aarhus) Compact topologies on locally presentable categories
12.30: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Quotients of decidable objects in a topos

Forty-eighth Meeting: Edinburgh, 9--10 November 1991
09.30: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) T-bags
10.30: André Joyal (UQAM) Some elementary coherence theorems
11.30: Barry Jay (Edinburgh) An invariant definition of lists
12.00: Simon Ambler (QMW) Enriched categories in the semantics of evidential reasoning
14.00: Thomas Streicher (Passau) Semantics of intensional type theory
14.30: Bart Jacobs (Cambridge) Semantics of I and of other ``substructure'' -calculi
15.00: Paul Taylor (Imperial) What is set-theoretic inclusion?
16.00: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Locally localic toposes
16.30: Ronnie Brown/Osman Mucuk (Bangor) Monodromy groupoids
10.00: Wesley Phoa (Edinburgh) Synthetic domain theory and PCF
10.30: Japie Vermeulen (Cape Town) Towards a proper extension of the Galois theory of Joyal and Tierney
11.30: Alex Simpson (Edinburgh) Modal type theory
12.00: Edmund Robinson (Sussex) Functorial parametricity
12.30: John Power (Edinburgh) Low-dimensional coherence

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