Forty-fifth Meeting: Cambridge, 24--25 March 1990
10.10: Marta Bunge (McGill) Open covers and the fundamental localic groupoid of a topos
11.10: Kirill Mackenzie (Sheffield) Double groupoid structures arising in differential geometry
12.00: Mark Lawson (Bangor) Pseudogroups and ordered groupoids
14.10: Mikhail Kapranov (Moskva) Free n-category generated by n-cube and higher Bruhat orders
15.00: Jirí Adámek (Praha) Injectivity in locally presentable categories
16.15: Ivan Ivansic (Zagreb) Strong shape category of metric compacta is not usual homotopy category
09.15: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Relatively boolean toposes
10.05: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) Quantales and C*-algebras
11.10: Jirí Rosick&253; (Brno) Accessible functors and their images
12.00: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Preneat, neat, purely unneat, neatly closed objects and morphisms
14.10: Kh. Inassaridze (Tbilisi) On nonabelian derived functors
15.00: Hans-Jürgen Hoehnke (Berlin) Structural properties of fractal categories
16.15: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) -categories and -categories
09.35: Giuseppe Rosolini (Parma) Uniform families of maps are often dinatural
10.10: Thomas Streicher (Passau) A weak, but not strong, full sub-LCCC of -Set
11.10: Mikhail Tsalenko (Moskva) Relational algebras with truth values in Heyting algebras
12.00: Cristina Pedicchio (Trieste) Equivalence relations and Mal'cev categories
12.30: Aurelio Carboni (Milano) Remarks on Mal'cev categories
14.10: Vladimir Topencharov (Sofia) On some category-like structures
15.00: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Crossed modules
16.00: Edmund Robinson (Sussex) PIE-limits
16.35: Zhao Dongsheng (Cambridge) Semicontinuous lattices
10.10: John Power (Edinburgh) Enrichment over monoidal biclosed categories
11.05: Barry Jay (Edinburgh) Extending properties to categories of partial maps

Forty-sixth Meeting: Edinburgh, 3--4 November 1990
09.45: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Lindelöf locales and countable choice
10.35: Simon Ambler (Edinburgh) A linear view of equality
11.50: Richard Steiner (Glasgow) Nerves and tensor products of multiple categories
13.40: Gianfranco Mascari (Roma) Lazy computations and monads in 2-categories
14.40: Barry Jay (Edinburgh) Matrices, monads and the fast Fourier transform
16.00: John Power (Edinburgh) Pasting for n-categories
09.45: Giuseppe Rosolini (Parma) A model for QUEST
10.45: Paul Taylor (Imperial) Synthetic domain theory
11.50: James McKinna (Edinburgh) A new model of the theory of constructions
12.20: Doug Gurr (Edinburgh) Far from the monading crowd

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