Thirty-ninth Meeting: Cambridge, 30--31 January 1988
10.00: Paul Taylor (Imperial) The connected open filter monad---a connection between Scott and Berry--Girard domain theory
11.15: Andy Pitts (Sussex) A (too) elementary theory of approximations
12.15: Dona Strauss (Hull) The semigroup structure of
14.15: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Locally rational categories
15.05: Dusko Pavlovic (Utrecht) Free Boolean categories
16.30: Nick Gilbert (Bangor) Simplicial groups and automorphisms of crossed modules
17.15: Thomas Streicher (Passau) Models of the calculus of constructions
09.30: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Geometrically defined compositions and multiple processing
10.20: Bob Rosebrugh (Mount Allison) Composing gamuts and automata
11.30: Harold Simmons (Aberdeen) ?

Fortieth Meeting: Utrecht, 14--15 May 1988
16.00: Martin Hyland (Cambridge) Algebraic data types in models for the second order lambda-calculus
10.10: Anders Kock (Aarhus) A Godement theorem for locales
11.20: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) A constructive proof that localic subgroups are closed
14.50: Thomas Streicher (Passau) Independence proofs by realizability models of the calculus of constructions
15.20: Andre Scedrov (Pennsylvania) Semantic parametricity in polymorphic lambda calculus
16.35: Andy Pitts (Sussex) The category of closed types of a consistent polymorphic -theory can never be a topos
17.15: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Codisjunctors in the category of -rings
10.10: Francis Borceux (Louvain) When is a locally finitely presentable category a topos?
10.45: Joern Schmidt (Aarhus) Coherent theory of internal sites and their models
11.45: Fer-Jan de Vries (Utrecht) A type-theoretical perspective on the family of associated sheaf constructions
12.15: Robert Paré (Dalhousie) Natural numbers in monoidal categories

Forty-first Meeting: Cambridge, 12--13 November 1988
14.15: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Groupoids and torsors
10.10: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Left exactness of Kan extensions with values in large sites
11.15: Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht) Descent for toposes
12.10: Dona Strauss (Hull) A functor from frames to extremally disconnected spaces
14.00: Andy Pitts (Sussex) Powertypes and polytypes
14.45: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) Remarks on Hagino's thesis: Categorical Datatypes
15.45: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) The monadic factorization of a geometric morphism
16.30: Paul Taylor (Imperial) Universal properties, Galois groups and Girard's domain theory
10.00: Bruno Loiseau (Louvain) Some properties of PN in a topos
11.10: Dusko Pavlovic (Utrecht) Some categorical structures around type theories
11.55: Fer-Jan de Vries (Amsterdam) Gödel translations

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