Thirty-sixth Meeting: Utrecht, 21--22 February 1987
10.15: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) On flat morphisms
11.30: Susan Niefield (Union) Constructing locales from quantales
12.30: Fer-Jan de Vries (Utrecht) On topologies for algebraic theories
15.30: Harold Simmons (Aberdeen) Compact ringed spaces without elements
16.45: Reinhard Börger (Hagen) Disjoint coproducts
10.15: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Prime and maximal filters
11.00: Japie Vermeulen (Louvain) Tychonoff's theorem without anything
12.15: Andy Pitts (Sussex) On Girard's qualitative semantics

Thirty-seventh Meeting: Cambridge, 9--10 May 1987
10.00: Marta Bunge (McGill) Mather's stability theorem for infinitesimally represented germs
11.15: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Locally Hilbert categories
12.00: Andy Pitts (Sussex) Algebraic toposes
14.15: Anders Kock (Aarhus) A categorical theory of fibre bundles, with applications to locales
14.45: Rudolf Hoffmann (Bremen) Completely distributive lattices
15.45: Dusko Pavlovic (Utrecht) Categorial interpretation and a model for linear logic
16.30: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Weakly (?) spatial locales
10.00: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Quantal sets via fibrations in topoi
11.30: Jean Bénabou (Paris-Nord) Adding points and partial points

Thirty-eighth Meeting: Trieste, 26--27 September 1987
09.35: Sammy Eilenberg (Columbia) Rewrite systems
11.00: Martin Hyland (Cambridge) Comonads, codescent objects and filtered inverse limits of toposes
11.35: René Lavendhomme (Louvain) S4 théories variables
12.10: Siegfried Breitsprecher (Tübingen) Logical foundations for classical probability
12.45: Aurelio Carboni (Milano) Representable monads
14.45: Harold Simmons (Aberdeen) Another look at the characterization of localizations of Mod-R
15.35: Barbara Veit (Roma) Sheaves and localizations: a counterexample
16.20: Silvio Ghilardi (Milano) Semantical analysis of first order distributive linear logic
17.00: L.Biondo (Milano) Etale spaces and sheaves in a topos
17.35: Pascal Dupont (Louvain) Internal injectivity for sheaves on a locale
18.10: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Morita theory for Banach modules
09.05: Jean Bénabou (Paris-Nord) Arithmetic in a topos without NNO
09.50: Renato Betti (Milano) Calculus of ends for enriched categories
10.50: Dominique Bourn (Amiens) A right exactness property for internal n-categories
11.25: Giuseppe Rosolini (Parma) Internal projectives in the effective topos and a universal property
12.00: Andy Pitts (Sussex) Lex modules

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