Twenty-seventh Meeting: Paris, 3--4 March 1984
09.30: René Guitart (Paris VII) Catégories de modèles
10.05: Aurelio Carboni (Milano) Cartesian bicategories
11.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) A topos-theorist looks at dilators
11.35: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Crossed complexes and chain complexes with operators
14.15: Renato Betti (Milano) On cocompleteness of enriched categories
14.40: Martin Hyland (Cambridge) More on tiny objects
15.15: Jean Bénabou (Paris-Nord) Trees and forests
16.40: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Sur la classification des catégories localement de présentation finie
17.15: Ieke Moerdijk (Amsterdam) Inverse limits of toposes
09.35: Barbara Veit (Roma) La convergence dans la sémantique catégorielle
10.10: Thierry Lucas (Louvain) Logiques modales
11.10: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Quantales and spectra
11.50: Christophe Houzel (Paris-Nord) Localisation analytique
14.50: René Lavendhomme (Louvain) Connexions en géométrie différentielle synthétique
15.20: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) Quantales and sheaves
15.50: Jean Bénabou (Paris-Nord) Ordinals and filtered colimits

Twenty-eighth Meeting: Amsterdam, 16--17 June 1984
10.00: Gonzalo Reyes (Montréal) Forcing smooth square roots and integration
11.30: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Topological enrichment of essentially algebraic categories
14.30: Ieke Moerdijk (Amsterdam) Locally connected toposes
16.00: Anders Kock (AArhus) On constructing functors between Lie groups
17.00: Ngô van Que (Montréal) Bäcklund transformations
10.00: Gilberte van den Bossche (Louvain) Quantales and quantic spaces
11.30: Ieke Moerdijk (Amsterdam) Connected, locally connected toposes are path-connected

Twenty-ninth Meeting: Sussex, 3--4 November 1984
10.15: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) When is a variety a topos?
11.30: Fer-Jan de Vries (Utrecht) The associated sheaf functor and generalized negative translation
12.15: Harold Simmons (Aberdeen) Boolean reflections of frames
14.15: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Convenient vector spaces and the Cahiers topos
15.20: Philip Higgins (Durham) Tensor products and hom functors for -groupoids and crossed complexes
16.10: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Crossed squares and tensor products
17.10: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) Homotopy of toposes: the unit interval re-enthroned
10.00: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) The logic of quantal sets
11.30: Mohammed Nawaz (Sussex) Localic groups
12.15: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Sheaves on a quantale

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