Eighteenth Meeting: Cambridge, 28 February--1 March 1981
17.00: Joachim Lambek (McGill) Heraclitus and modern mathematics
10.00: Peter Freyd (Pennsylvania) Numerology
11.45: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Characterising a frame by its sheaves of algebras
12.10: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) Gorenstein-Weil algebras
14.10: Harold Simmons (Aberdeen) What should spec be?
14.45: Steve Comer (Charleston) Applications of sheaf representations
15.25: Wim Ruitenburg (Utrecht) Primality
16.30: Andy Pitts (Cambridge) The effective monad
17.10: Bill Lawvere (Buffalo) Bornology
09.40: Joachim Lambek (McGill) Sheaf representations of toposes
10.30: Dona Strauss (Hull) Lattices of subobjects and quotients
11.30: Murray Adelman (Macquarie) The Chinese Remainder topos
12.05: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) On Chinese remainder theorems
12.40: Helmut Weberpals (Düsseldorf) Commuting limits with colimits in a topos

Nineteenth Meeting: Paris, 23--24 May 1981
09.30: Joachim Lambek (McGill) Complétude et faisceaux
10.00: Jean Bénabou (Paris-Nord) Catégories de fractions et logique
11.15: Christophe Houzel (Paris-Nord) Catégories et linguistique
11.45: Peter Freyd (Pennsylvania) The spectrum of a topos
14.15: Max Kelly (Sydney) Generic models of enriched theories
14.55: Jean-Yves Girard (C.N.R.S.) Introduction à la logique
15.30: Michel Coste (C.N.R.S.) L'idempotence du spectre réel
16.15: René Guitart (Paris VII) Les esquisses (révisitées)
17.00: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) Dualité de Gelfand dans un topos
17.40: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Sur les anneaux de fonctions continues
09.30: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) Foncteurs cogénérateurs et représentation par faisceaux
10.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Exponentiable toposes
11.25: Murray Adelman (Macquarie) Logical functors between locally connected toposes
11.40: Möbus (Düsseldorf) Conditions weaker than (SG)
11.55: Jean-Luc Moens (Louvain) Langage fonctoriel interne et théorème de Giraud dans un topos élémentaire
15.10: Jacques Penon (Paris VII) Topologie et intuitionnisme
15.40: Greg Brumfiel (Stanford) ?
16.10: Michael Makkai (McGill) Lifting the Stone duality from propositional logic to predicate logic

Twentieth Meeting: Sussex, 7--8 November 1981
10.45: Ieke Moerdijk (Amsterdam) Sheaf models for choice sequences
11.45: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) Eilenberg-MacLane toposes and their cohomology
14.00: Francis Borceux (Louvain) How to retrieve X from Sh(X,T)
15.15: Harold Simmons (Aberdeen) Application of Borceux' work to modules
16.30: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Compact sublocales of arbitrary locales
10.15: Andy Pitts (Cambridge) From Heyting algebra to topos (again)
11.15: Jirí Rosický (Brno) Categories of sets and classes

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