Twelfth Meeting: Oxford, 3--4 March 1979
10.45: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Another factorization theorem for geometric morphisms
12.00: John Haigh (Durham) A connection between the Möbius algebra and the Grothendieck ring
14.30: Wim Ruitenburg (Utrecht) Intuitionistic Galois theory
16.00: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) The Galois group is a locale
16.45: Sabine Koppelberg (Berlin) A lattice of isomorphism types of Boolean algebras
09.45: Richard Josza (Oxford) Topos theory in physics
10.45: Mike Brockway (Oxford) When are hyperconnected morphisms logical?
11.15: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) Orderings of the field of rational functions

Thirteenth Meeting: Sussex, 2--3 June 1979
14.15: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Higher-dimensional group theory
10.00: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Open maps
11.30: Ronnie Brown (Bangor) Topologising spaces of partial maps with open domain
14.00: Anders Kock (Aarhus) Synthetic theory of differential forms
15.00: Roswitha Harting (Düsseldorf) Injective abelian groups in a topos
16.30: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) Stone-Cech compactification in a topos, III
10.00: Jon Zangwill (Bristol) Internal geometric theories
11.15: Francis Borceux (Louvain) Localisations of module categories
12.00: Gavin Wraith (Sussex) Freyd's work on independence of (AC)

Fourteenth Meeting: Cambridge, 17--18 November 1979
09.30: Peter Johnstone (Cambridge) Recent progress in the theory of locales
11.00: Marie-Françoise Coste-Roy (Paris-Nord) The topos-theoretic approach to real algebraic geometry
12.00: Michel Coste (Paris-Nord) The real-étale spectrum is spatial
14.15: Chris Mulvey (Sussex) Propositional theories and spectra
15.15: Jacques Penon (Paris VII) Caractérisation des catégories fibrées et des champs
16.15: Peter Vámos (Sheffield) Axiomatizability of certain classes of modules
16.45: John Bell (L.S.E.) The category of subobjects of constant objects in a topos
17.15: Mike Fourman (Columbia) Applications of sheaves to logic
09.30: Rudolphe Bkouche (Lille) Galois extension in differential algebra
11.00: Wim Ruitenburg (Utrecht) Is linear algebra simple?
11.45: Andy Pitts (Cambridge) Some examples of triposes
14.00: Henry Thomsen (Aarhus) Joyal's proof of the completeness theorem
14.45: Dirk van Dalen (Utrecht) An overlooked semantics and its uses
15.15: Yves Diers (Valenciennes) A construction of universal sheaves

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