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Awk for RISC OS

AWK bookWhether or not you consider yourself a programmer, the very fact that you use Risc OS suggests that you are probably an active user of your computer, and hence that you are likely to find Awk a useful tool. The name is an acronym of its original inventors, Aho, Weinberger and Kernighan. The original version of Awk was created in 1977 at AT&T Bell Laboratories, as a tool for extracting information from text. It was intended for relatively simple tasks that could be described in a couple of lines. Its simplicity made it so popular that people tried to use it for more ambitious tasks, and this led to a major revision in 1985, extending its capabilities to that of a fully-fledged programming language without sacrifice of its simplicity. It is now a standard part of every Unix distribution.
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The package downloadable here contains three files: mawk a binary file that you should put in !Boot.Library or somewhere that your Run$Path variable points to, mawk_1_html, an HTML manual for it and COPYING the Gnu Public Licence.

You should run the command

set Alias$awk mawk %%*0

from an Obey file in your boot sequence if you wish to use awk as a scripting language from within StrongED. This facility is available in versions greater than 4.66 by shift-dragging or control-dragging an awk script onto the application icon apply icon on the smarticon bar. See Scripts and StrongED for more details.

Mawk v.1.3.3 is a fast version of awk released by Mike Brennan under the GPL. Sources are available from in ~/pub/brennan.

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